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By: Patricia Russell of Advocacy Telecom Group "Bob Knox is an excellent accountant. He is knowledgeable and experienced. He will make sure your business is financially effective, efficient, and most importantly, profitable!"

Bob Knox has efficiently handled my personal and business taxes since 2009. He has diligently and with caring completed the many tasks and forms required by the complex workings of the IRS. He is one that I respect, listen to, and implement eagerly the advice he gives from the many years of experience he has under his belt with financial matters. Lastly, I am proud to count Bob as a friend. Russell E. Turner, DC Naples and Ft Myers, Florida

I have known Bob Knox for many years. It has been my pleasure to have Bob as a friend as well as my Tax Accountant. He is one of the most honest, honorable, generous, kind and considerate people I have ever met. Bob is the type of person that once you meet him, he will be a friend for life. He is goodhearted, fun loving, sincere, and trustworthy. The ability ot play hard and work even harder is one of Bob's rare qualities. He is one of the few people that I can say balances his personal and professional life with ease. In business, Bob has always researched the best avenue for me to follow. He has been available and patient at all times. If I had questions about my responsibilities or in areas in which I was unfamiliar, I felt comfortable asking for advice and direction. Providing work sheets to help in tax preparation, is one way that he reduces stress. He guarantees his work and will aide his client if questions arise from the IRS. I feel comfortable and fortunate with Bob.

After years of working with Bob, I highly recommend his services. As a business owner making decisions of tax related materials can be quite challenging. Bob made the challenge manageable and was very knowledge about the current laws. Working with Bob was very beneficial with his suggestions for improving the future of my business. I would not hesitate to contact Bob and he also prepares our personal returns as well.

Robert Knox has been our tax consultant for several years now and he is the consummate professional. He is very thorough and timely with his services. He gives us tax tips through out the year to help us take advantage of the most recent changes in the laws and also what not to do to avoid penalties or pitfalls. We are very pleased with his results. I'm sure the savings we've realized from his advice has paid for the cost of his services many times over. I would highly recommend Credit Underwriters Incorporated and Robert Knox!

I've known Bob for years, and I've referred my clients to him when they needed the advise of a true professional. In today's fast paced world where things are constantly changing, business owners have a choice, they can get advice from a professional about their situation, they can google their questions or they can pay money for the latest and greatest piece of software. But, let's face facts, when things change and you need advice, the future of your business should not rely on a google search or a piece of software that can't talk back and needs quarterly updates. I can say without question that if you want an honest opinion and advice about how to create a strategy today for success in the future - Call Bob. You won't be disappointed.

In the banking industry it is important to have a great credit package. The package will always make the difference between an approved and a turned down loan. I have worked with Bob on a few deals now and his packages have and will make the difference. Jim Cliché Assistant Vice President Regions Bank

Seeing beyond the numbers, if you are looking for someone to work with you year after year, no matter what your business or personal finances or situations are, look no further! Bob is not only thorough, he takes the time to meet with you every year and listens well, he makes recommendations for consideration, not only in the current tax year, but is always looking ahead into the next year to save you money. I feel very confident when my taxes are done, that they are done accurately. It's been my pleasure to work with Credit Underwriters for many years. If you want things done right the first time - contact Bob at CUI !!

Credit Underwriters is a wonderful accounting company to work with. They have been handling all of the financial components of my company for three years and I could not be happier. It is a great feeling to have a company that is truly looking out for your best interest to help your business grow.

I would not be in business today if not for Robert Knox. When I bought my business in 2007, I was working with Bob and he not only advised me to buy the business but to also buy the building. With his help I was able to secure financing for both. I am now practically debt free and able to not only support my family, but plan for my future and the future of my business with the ongoing help of Mr. Knox’s financial expertise. — John, Owner, South Trail Tire & Auto Repair, Fort Myers

It is a true pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Bob Knox whom I have known for over 5 years. Bob is one of those people that you meet in the business world that you not only like right away by you admire for the ethics in the way he operates his business. Bob is a first class man and anyone who uses his services or needs a professional to sit on their board has found the right man to do it. It is a pleasure to have Bob not only as a friend but as a member of the Above Board Chamber of Florida. — Jeanne, Above Board Chamber of Commerce, Lee County, FL

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the attention you give to my business. You have been a huge help. You not only have saved me thousands of dollars with insuring me ,that I am paying my taxes appropriately, you have taken away the worries of having to deal with all the paper work involved. Running the day to day of a business can be challenging enough. Knowing that I don't have to worry about all the other paper work with filing taxes, deadlines and figuring finances out correctly, has made my life, as a business owner, a pleasure. You have made it so easy to trust you with vital information, knowing that you are a top notch professional. Knowing you have my best interest, helps me make proper decisions to grow my business. I look forward to a happy and prosperous new year. Thank you again for all you have done for me. — Angela, Fort Myers

Last year we decided to try out Bob Knox from Credit Underwriters Inc. I immediately knew something was different about Bob. We gave him our paperwork and he called the next day to ask a lot of questions, and that continuous communication with Bob occurred until he had us sign off on the taxes and send them to the IRS. The result was this. . . Bob asked all the right questions and we paid a lot less money to the government than we had been for the past three years! Bob takes the time to really get to know your business and he even suggested that we change our incorporation status, which we did for this year. He’s someone who really cares about you and about your business and he has an incredible amount of integrity in the way he does your taxes. As a small business owner, I feel confident that having Bob as our tax accountant means we’re claiming every benefit possible for our business and he is watching out for us, and I love that. — Donna, Cape Coral